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There are some lessons to be learned before reaching old age

Death and aging are facts of life. We can face it confidently if we prepare mentally. Here are a few things to know before aging. The number of people we need will decrease as we get older. It will continue to become harder to find people to fill our needs as we age. Already, the parents and the generation before them have passed away. The contemporaries of old people were already exhausted and deprived of opportunities. Due to the whirlwind of life problems, the younger generation doesn’t have time to look after their parents. In this stage, many people may have lost their life partner a long time ago. In their lifetime, wives blamed their husbands while husbands blamed their wives. But when loneliness grips us in this age of old, we realize the value of a partner. Children, nieces, and nephews are not enough to replace our spouses. There is no substitute for a life partner. It is only when a lamp goes out that we realize how much light was produced by it. We long for their closeness as we grow older. No matter how great you were, as you age you will become one of the other old people. We should tell ourselves and mature our minds. The fame that existed till then will disappear.

A Few Things to Know Before Aging

· The first lesson is to embrace loneliness and live a happily lonely life.

· In other words, learning to live happily alone is the first lesson to be learned.

· Our family and relatives, as well as our society, begin to forget us as we get older.

· When viewed from a distance, the forest is visible as a forest but on closer inspection, we will see that each tree stands alone.

· This is how life is for everyone.

· There is no escape from the fact that we are alone in this world.

· It is important to be mentally prepared to step aside into a corner by giving others priority.

· Preparing for this a little early is a good idea.

· Don’t think that I am older, I have seen a lot of the world, I have had a lot of experience, so I am entitled to respect.

· New generations and their thinking are completely different from previous generations.

· Older people would be forced to adjust if they did not adjust.

· Physical disabilities are common among the elderly.

· Remember that we require the help of others for everything we do in old age.

· Don’t be harsh on caregivers.

  • Not to mention the amount of hard work that went into raising the children.
  • You are better off not telling your children how hard you have worked raising them.
  • Since they don’t know right now, they will understand later.
  • Take an interest in the sounds and perspectives of the next generation if possible and enjoy it.
  • The first step is to live without resentment and jealousy.
  • Secondly, it is good to be able to overcome misbehaviors of this kind.
  • Understand that everyone has problems just like ours, calm the mind.
  • We should be mindful of the blessings of life, and we should try to make the lives of those around us happier.
  • Remember what needs to be remembered and let go of what needs to be forgotten.
  • Be regular in your prayers.

Diseases are the companions of old age

Old age is a time of health problems for most people. There are many diseases that can harm you, such as falls, fractures, bruises, cardiovascular and brain injuries, as well as cancer and diabetes. Diseases and illnesses are more and more like unavoidable companions. It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid diseases and illnesses. Old age full of health, satisfaction, and happiness is only a dream. Keeping a healthy diet and exercising moderately will make aging a blessing, as will living without grumbling and quarreling.

Things to keep an eye out for while traveling

If you go on the journey after sixty, you might have a chance to catch by cheaters and swindlers. Older people should have a lot of savings, they think. Therefore, they will try to hijack it and devise strategies to do so. In addition to these scammers, there are others also. Numerous products, ways to make quick money, single cures to prolong life, and otamoolikal (home-cure or folk-cure practice of medicine), etc. There are also other scams, such as miracle cures. You have to be very careful when dealing with them. Their only concern is money. Therefore, they must be dealt with very wisely.

Childhood and old age are alike

Childhood and old age are alike. But there is a difference. When we were born, there were many people taking care of us. We have experienced many life changes since then. Now it is in a position to be nurtured by others again. The only difference is that our mother was there to lovingly care for us those days. It was the care, filled with love and affection. The care of old age is not that. No one cares, that’s the truth. There’s nothing more important than fulfilling one’s duty, even if there’s someone else. It is not expected that you will be loved and merciful. The mind should be made aware of that in advance. The last few days of our lives will be spent in an ICU or a corner room at home with a home nurse or a servant. A visit from a family member at intervals can be said to be great luck. It is important to be thankful for everything without complaining. That is better. In the past when we heard someone say that elderly parents are housed in old age homes all over the world and there is a cost associated with it, there was a lot of laughter between us. We wondered if there were nursing homes that could accommodate their parents. Now we don’t remember all those old laughs. There is no hesitation in taking our parents there.

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