Accept life as it Unfolds

Our life is a test or an exam. There is only one life to live, it must be lived. So, let’s think about how to accept it. Is it possible for everyone to live in the same way? No, never. Accept life as it unfolds. Life is different for everyone. In a world where diversity is the rule, no one is equal. Various angles can be used to observe the difference. Every individual has a unique set of circumstances in his or her life. Some people live a happy life, while others live a miserable one. Some people are very wealthy, while others struggle to survive. There are some people who are smart, and others who are foolish. Do not think that rich people are happy simply because they have money. They have quite a few problems as well. Additionally, there are those who suffer from chronic illness and misery on a daily basis. Fortunately, as descendants, we have inherited a treasure trove of words penned by our ancestors. They have left us many glorious words. Hope and inspiration can be found in every good word. We have a quote for everyone, no matter what their situation is. There are quotes for everyone living in each life situation.

Accept your life as it unfolds and live accordingly

It is not possible for everyone to live in the same way. No superintelligence is necessary to understand it. All we need to do is look around. There are differences in everyone’s life situations. It is a secret we do not understand, why our Creator is showing bias and why all people are not blessed equally? Our life is an exam or a test and we have to pass it. It is not easy and very difficult for most of us. Once a disciple asked his Guru, “Why don’t most of us pass the test of life”? Guru replied, “it is really easy to pass the test of life. Each one is given a separate question paper. Without realizing it, we are copying what the person next to us writing on their answer sheet. Often, that is the reason most people don’t pass the test of life”.

Dreaming is fine

It is good to dream. Dreaming is beneficial in many ways. Each of us must have dreams. We should dream of achieving a lot of heights. Dreaming a lot is suggested by someone to reach the heights or somewhere near to it. A good dream helps us move forward in hope. Then comes another quote just opposite to it. Don’t dream a lot and learn to live without a lot of dreams. It is important to learn not to dream too much, so that you may not get a lot of happiness, but you won’t have to grieve and accept life as it comes to you. Life consists of both negative and positive aspects, and they are indivisible. Believe, a person’s life isn’t going to be a continuous chain of suffering. The sorrows will gradually be transformed into happiness as the night gives way to the morning.

How to accept life and death?

Even if dreams are shattered and fortunes are discarded, remember that there is a day when the light will break through the darkness for every individual. Keeping a positive attitude about life is important. It is okay to expect that we will have a good time too. No matter how sad we are, it will motivate us to live. But in reality, there is only one certainty in life and that is death. No matter what we do today or tomorrow death will come to us. The reality of death is the same as the reality of birth, there’s no doubt about that. That’s a law of nature. Death puts everyone on an equal level of importance. Death shows no partiality, both the king and the beggar are reduced to dust. The only thing we aren’t jealous of is death when others get it.

Then What Should we do?

Life should not be a lament over what you lack but it should be a celebration of what you own. Though we should accept life as it unfolds, we all longed for a happy and satisfied life. Satisfaction is better than happiness. Having a satisfied life is better than being happy. Happiness is what is observed on the outside and measured by others whereas satisfaction comes from within and is measured by us. Everyone faces the same problems. For example, there are a lot of birds in this universe. As soon as it rains, all the birds flee for the shade, but the hawks fly above the clouds and overcome the rain. All people face the same problems. The method of approach makes the difference.

Accept your life as it unfolds and trusts in your life

Embrace your life as it unfolds and trusts it. Recharge yourself in this way. Whenever we do things that we enjoy, our bodies create good hormones. Keep in mind that we all have the life that suits us best. It is dangerous to compare our life to someone else’s because that can lead to frustration and irritation. We need to realize that despair leads us down, not up. We all desire a life of happiness and contentment. However, for many people, there is only sadness to be found. One should live happily with what he or she has.

This man accepts his life as it unfolds

Let me introduce a man, he is a father, meet this father and get to know him better. Here are some facts about this man’s life. This man owns a very small house. Yet he is happy because so many people are homeless in this world. His children have learning disabilities and they are naughty too. But our father is happy because he has four children. How many couples are in this world without a single child? His daily schedule includes waking up at an early hour every day……. Continue reading

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